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Ada FAQs - Ada Frequently Asked Questions

What is the home page for the Official Ada FAQ?
What is the license of the Official Ada FAQ?
Who maintains the Official Ada FAQ?
Ada Compiler Questions
Is there a GNU version of Ada?
Is there a version of Ada for .NET?
Is there a version of Ada for IBM OS/2 Warp?
Is there a version of Ada for Linux?
Is there a version of Ada for MacOS or OS X ?
Is there a version of Ada for Windows?
Is there an Ada compiler for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)?
Ada General Questions
What is Ada?
I heard tell that Ada was to blame for the Ariane V disaster. Is this true?
I keep hearing that Ada is a "strongly typed language", but it seems different from what's meant in C++. Are they different?
Is there a usenet newsgroup for Ada?
Is there any scientific evidence that indicates Ada is more productive and/or safer than other languages?
Isn't Ada less "elegant" than Eiffel?
What is the history of Ada?
What specific features does Ada have that makes it reliable?
Where can I find out more about Ada 2005?
Ada Programming Questions
Are classes first class objects?
Can I create Web Services and SOAP objects with Ada?
Can I use Active X controls with Ada?
Can I use CORBA with Ada?
Can you access super methods?
Does Ada have an XML parser?
Does Ada have automatic constructors and destructors?
Does Ada have multiple inheritance?
Does Ada provide Strings facilites or a string library?
How do I print an Integer, Float, enumeral using Text_IO or otherwise obtain a string representation of a scalar type?
Is it possible to use COM/DCOM from Ada?
What about the "Ripple Effect"?
What is meant by upcasting/expanding and downcasting/narrowing?
What is the "Beaujolais Effect"?
What is the difference between a class-wide access type and a "general" class-wide access type?
Where can I find an Ada bindings for X?
Why are Controlled types so, well, strange?
Why does Ada have "tagged types" instead of classes?
Why doesn't Ada use 'dot' notation for OO?
What is
Can I help with
How do I submit articles, packages for reuse, example code, tutorials, FAQs, links, etc. to
When did AdaPower start?
Who runs
Is it acceptable to post job openings to this newsgroup?
Learning Ada
Are there any Ada books on-line?
Is there a review of Ada books?
Where can I find sample Ada code?
Where can I find the Ada reference manual and standards?
Where can I learn about Ada?
How do I join TEAM-ADA?
What is TEAM-ADA?

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