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Ada Chat
#ada Ada IRC Channel #ada on
Ada Mail Lists Listing of known Ada E-Mail Lists to Join
comp.lang.ada comp.lang.ada - Is the usenet home Ada discussion group
Ada Associations
ACAA Ada Conformity Assessment Authority
ACM SigAda The ACM Special Interest Group for Ada
Ada Belgium Belgium Ada Association
Ada Europe European Ada Association
Ada France French Ada Association
Ada Germany German Ada Association
Ada UK UK Ada Association
ARA The Ada Resource Association
World Ada Associations Listing of World Wide Ada Associations
Ada Compiler Vendors
A Sharp A# - Ada for Microsoft's .NET and the cross platform Mono
AdaCore Technologies AdaCore offers GNATPro professional support for the GNU Ada compiler, GNAT
Aonix Aonix makers of ObjectAda
AVR Ada Ada for the AVR Microcontroller
DDC-I DDC-I Ada Compiler
GNU Ada Homepage Ada compilers for older GNU (and not so GNU) systems
Green Hills Green Hills Software Ada 95 Compiler
HP HP Ada on OpenVMS
IBM IBM - Rational Ada Developer
Irvine Compiler Irvine Compiler - Ada Compilers
JanusAda RR Software - Janus/Ada 95
MacAda Mac OS X and Classic Ada Compiler
PowerAda OC Systems PowerAda
sofcheck SofCheck
Ada Directories
Ada World Ada Resource Locator
AdaPower Ada Power - The Ada Home Page
Cetus Links Cetus Links OO Language Page - Ada
HitMill HitMilL Ada Programming Directory
Ada Information
Ada Answers AdaCore Technologies' Ada Information Resource
Ada in Russia The Ada Russian Resource
Ada in Switzerland The Ada Swiss Resource
Ada Information Clearinghouse Information on Ada from the ARA
Ada Project List List of major software projects using Ada
Book Reviews Michael B. Feldman's Ada Book Reviews
LGL LGL - Ada Resources
SigAda Education Ada Resource for Educators and Students
Top 10 Myths About Ada The truth about Ada
WikiBooks Ada Programming entry in WikiBooks
Wikipedia Wikipedia Information on Ada
Ada News
Ada Events Conference announcements for the international Ada community
Ada Software Repositories
Ada in Astrophysics The Ada in Astrophysics Homepage
AdaBasis An ancient repository of old Ada code
Burks The Brighton University Resource Kit for Students Ada Page
PAL The 1995 Ada CD from Walnut Creek based on the PAL - Public Ada Library
SourceForge Ada Projects on SourceForge
Win32Ada Jerry's Ada on Win32 Page
Ada Tools Vendors
CLAW RR Software - CLAW Ada 95 Windows Bindings
GNAVI The GNU Ada Visual Interface - The Open Source Answer to Delphi and VB
GrammaTech Ada-ASSURED from GrammaTech
McCabe Software Software Testing, Quality Assurance and Configuration Management solutions
Object Interface Object Interface - Ada 95 CORBA
PolySpace PolySpace - Detection of Run-Time Errors at Compile Time
RTEMS RTEMS - Real Time OS in Ada
SciTools Tools to Understand Ada Source Code
SofCheck SofCheck
Software Improvements Software Improvements Pty Ltd, Australian Ada vendor of compilers and analysis tools offering international Ada training and development.
SPARK Praxis High Integrity Systems - SPARK
XInAda Top Graph'X - Corba, X and Motif for Ada 95
Ada Training and Consulting
AdaLog AdaLog Ada Training and Consulting
AdaWorks AdaWorks Training and Consulting
JRA John Robinson and Associates - Training
Pyrrhus Software Ada training and SPARK distribution & training in the USA
Software Arts and Sciences Software Arts and Scientists Ada Training and Consulting

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