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After years of working with C, C++ and Pascal, finding Ada was a dream come true. Ada possesses the ultimate in flexibility (oo and non-oo), real standardization and validation, true cross platform programming, incredible compile time error checking, readable code, and support of all levels of software engineering. As a way of contributing back to the Ada community and to help advocate this powerful language was formed.

  • Examples of Ada source code illustrating various features of the language and programming techniques
  • Examples of Ada source code illustrating various interfaces to popular Operating Systems (Thick and Thin Level Bindings)
  • Examples of Ada source code illustrating various algorithms
  • A collection of packages for re-use in Ada programs
  • Articles on implementing software in Ada
  • Home to some of Ada's most inovative GPL projects
  • The most complete and up to date collection of links to Ada resources on the Net

To contribute to send your source code, link, article, etc. to David Botton

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