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Advanced Techniques
Advanced Techniques in using the Ada Language

Accessing Memory as a String (Robert Dewar)
An Invitation to Lady Ada's - Resolving ambiguous type conversions (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
Dealing with Linked Lists of Tasks (James S. Rogers)
Dimensional Arithmetics (Units of Measure) in Ada (Christoph Grein)
Downward Closures and the N Queen Problem (Brian Rogoff)
Executing machine code in an array (David Brown)
Freeing Pointers to Tasks (Matthew Heaney)
Garbage collection using the Storage_Size attribute (David Botton)
Implementing Interfaces in Ada (Ed Falis)
In Out Parameters For Functions (Matthew Heaney)
Memory Management with Storage Pools (Anh Vo)
Memory Management with Storage Pools - Update (Anh Vo)
Modifiying the Contents of Limited Types Passed as "in" Parameters (Jean-Pierre Rosen)
Multiple Inheritance (Tucker Taft)
Persistence of Type Conformity in the Generic Model (Richard Riehle)
Persistent Objects with Ada95 (Michael Erdmann)
pragma Convention(Convention => C) (Christopher Green)
Reading Out Parameters in Ada83 (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
Revenge (for Lady Ada's invitation) - Representation clauses and two's complement (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
Safe_IO (Ehud Lamm)
Secretiveness - Information Hiding (Christoph Karl Walter Grein)
Task Safe Use of Streams (James S. Rogers)
Turning a read-only view of an object into a read-write view (Matthew Heaney)
Zero Size for Access Types (Matthew Heaney)

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