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Data Structures
Data Structures Implemented in Ada

A hybrid between a hash table and a dictionary tree (Daniel Gaudry)
ATC: Interrupting Blocking Calls (Matthew Heaney)
Bounded Buffer with Entry-less Get Queue (Matthew Heaney)
Bounded Buffer with Entry-less Get Queue - Update (Matthew Heaney)
Data Structures Containing Limited Items (Matthew Heaney)
Do Not Entry: Bounded Queue of Suspension Objects (Matthew Heaney)
Doubly_Linked_List (Robert A. Matthews)
Guarded Data Structures (Matthew Heaney)
Heterogeneous, Reference-Counted Lists (Matthew Heaney)
Homogeneous, Reference-Counted Lists (Matthew Heaney)
I'm Queueless, or, Suspension Objects Instead of Entries (Matthew Heaney)
Library Design: Strategies, Adapters, and Concurrency (Matthew Heaney)
Recursive Semaphores (Matthew Heaney)
Semaphores (Matthew Heaney)
Semaphores - Revised (Matthew Heaney)
Simple Controled List (Ehud Lamm)
Simple Polymorphic List (Ehud Lamm)
Using semaphores to call functions that are not thread safe and potentialy blocking (Mats Weber)

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